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Rough Collie Breed Council

the Rough Collie Breed Council

supports the Rough Collie, its

exhibitors and breeders by

coordinating the work and

opinions of its member clubs.

International Collie Society

The Kennel Club - Regulatory body     for the UK


Collie Rescue (Rough & Smooth)

Champ Dogs

FCI - Fédération Cynologique          Internationale - an international
         federation of Kennel Clubs based
         in Belgium.

egulatory body for much of the world including Europe.

Canine Genome Project, AHT

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Fosse Data - On-line show entries

East Anglian Collie Association Judges Lists East Anglian Collie Association Breed Clubs

Higham Press - On-line show entries

Ayrshire Collie Club

Collie Association

British Collie Club

Collie Club of Wales

East Anglian Collie Association

Irish Collie Club

Lancashire & Cheshire Collie Club

London Collie Club

London & Provincial Collie Club

Midland Collie Club

Northumberland & Durham
Collie Club

Scottish Collie Club

West of England Collie Society

Yorkshire Collie Club

Smooth Collie Club of GB

IJudge Dogs - UK’s Judges’ database

Veterinary Reproductive Services -
                      Angelika von Heimendahl

Pastoral Breeds Health Foundation

Our Dogs

Rough collie pedigrees -
        Ad Mommers’ Dutch site containing
        international pedigrees, sourced
        from official Kennel Club

Rough & Smooth Collie Training Society, uk  - Nationwide group offering support to those training or competing in canine activities eg exhibition, utility, obedience, Good Citizens etc

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