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The Kennel Club’s Judges’ Competency Framework (JCF) for the education, progress and approval of judges was announced on 28 April 2017. Current A1, A2, B & C lists will eventually be replaced by Levels 1-7 and a completely new training scheme will commence in January 2019, becoming fully operational in January 2022.

So, until 2021, EACA’s Judges’ lists will continue to be updated annually and the Club welcomes new applications for both Rough and Smooth Collie Judges’ A, B & C lists (breed specialists and non-breed specialists).

Our Show/Membership Secretary must be in receipt of all Judging CV’s by February and these will be reviewed by the EACA’s Judges’ sub-committee at a meeting following the Annual General Meeting in April. Please note that all applications will be dealt with in the strictest confidence, and all applicants will be informed of the outcome once reviews have taken place.

An on-line application form can be downloaded here by clicking the
pdf icon to the right.
Alternatively, you can apply to the Show Secretary by post, but
please remember to include an A4 SAE.

EACA Judges List Application.pdf

Transition from Breed Club Judges Lists to KC Judges’ Competency Framework

JCF’s Guide to being a Dog Show Judge

Sample Q & A’s about the new Judges’ Training Scheme

As part of the changes to the judges’ training scheme, aspiring judges will no longer have to judge a specific number of classes/dogs to progress through the new levels, as a system of mentoring and regular assessments will be introduced.

The ‘beginner’ level of judging will be Level 1 and, to attain entry, an aspiring judge will have to  first gain some stewarding experience, attend a KC ‘Conformation and Movement’ seminar, pass the ‘50 Points of a Dog’ assessment, attend the ‘Requirements of A Dog Show Judge’ (RDSJ) seminar, passing the exam (this exam must then be re-taken and passed every five years). Judges will also be required to attend (and pass) a one-off critique-writing seminar.

All judges will also have to subscribe to the Canine Academy at a cost of £26 per year.

Please note that between now and 31st Dec 2021, the EACA’s process of compiling its A,B & C Judging lists will remain unchanged. In 2022 all Club lists will be replaced by the KC’s ‘Find A Judge’ database.


Ms Lisa J. Pettitt

(EACA Show Secretary)

3 Waterville Mews,
Colchester, Essex
C02 8BZ

E-mail the East Anglian Collie Association Secretary Judges training booklet

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