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EACA Show Archives

The EACA Show Archives cover:

Members Only Showsentry was confined to EACA members only, and only their dogs which had not won an award that counted towards a Champions’ title. Dogs could quickly win their way out of the lower classes as wins at Open and Limited Shows counted towards eligibility for any class.

      Sanction Shows, with their maximum of 10 classes at Breed Club shows and 25 classes at general Canine Society shows, had their classification further limited as Post Graduate was the highest class available. These once very popular shows did, however, enjoy the distinct advantage of encouraging good membership levels, thereby improving club finances.

Open Shows — Open Shows are open to all, whether EACA members or not, and whilst no Challenge Certificates are on offer exhibits can earn points towards Junior Warrant status for class wins.

Championship Showsthe pinnacle of the British Show scene. Championship Shows attract nation-wide entries, the ultimate aim being for owners to gain a Champions’ title for their dog and/or qualify their dog for CRUFTS.

The East Anglian Collie Association is indebted to the late Barbara Blake [CORYDON] for her extensive collection of catalogues, dating from our first show in 1957.

Sadly, Barbara did not record the complete results for the earliest shows and, as the Kennel Club apparently only maintained copies of marked-up Championship Show catalogues, we are only able to provide limited details of these early shows.

Fortunately we have complete details of all our Championship shows, and Barbara had recorded most of our Open Show results since 1986.

Early EACA shows were open to any variety Collie, which included Bearded Collies in addition to Rough & Smooth Collies. Several also scheduled separate classes for Shetland Sheepdogs.

Shelties were later dropped due to dwindling entries, and just before the Kennel Club ruled that Breed Clubs could only schedule classes for their registered breeds. Thereafter, all EACA shows were confined to either Rough Collies or Rough & Smooth Collies.