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Welcome Membership Events  The Collie
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Permanent identification
of breeding stock

All breeding stock using the kc/bva schemes (eyes, hips and elbows) and the various dna tests must first be
permanently identified
by microchip.

This does not currently apply
to 6 week old puppies
presented for CEA litter

KC/BVA Eye scheme -

BVA’s information

KC’s information

The Kennel Club and the British Veterinary Association currently operate joint KC/BVA health schemes for Hip and Elbow Dysplasia, and inherited
eye diseases.

The schemes were developed during the late 1960’s, aiming to provide scientifically based expert opinion on these inherited conditions. The KC/BVA screening programmes help responsible breeders identify those dogs that are clinically unaffected with such diseases, so that the best possible choices can be made for breeding programmes.

A clinical examination is unfortunately subjective, being only as accurate as the expert who tests the dog, and is therefore not as accurate as a DNA test. As there are currently no DNA tests for Centralised Progressive Retinal Atrophy (CPRA) or Hip and Elbow Dysplasia, breeders have no alternative but to continue to make use of the KC/BVA schemes.

The KC/BVA/ISDS Eye Scheme

The BVA and KC run a combined eye scheme with the
International Sheep Dog Society (ISDS), for the clinical
screening of Collies’ to determine the inherited eye
diseases of Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA) and Centralised
Progressive Retinal Atrophy (CPRA).

CEA tests for baby puppies are recorded on a ‘Litter Screening’
certificate, available for the owner and his/her veterinary surgeon
only. These results are not submitted to the Kennel Club.

However, once the dog is twelve months of age it should be screened again for CEA and Centralised PRA (late onset form of PRA), and these test results are submitted to the KC for inclusion on its registration and ‘Health Finder’ databases. They are also published in the Breed Records Supplement. Dogs should be re-tested for CPRA on an annual basis.

The KC/BVA Hip & Elbow Dysplasia Scheme

The current BVA/KC scoring scheme for hip dysplasia (HD) has
been in operation since 1984 and since then in excess of 1,000
X-rays have been assessed for Rough and Smooth Collies.
The elbow scheme (ED) was introduced in 1998.

The minimum age for hip/elbow scoring is one year, and a dog is only ever scored once under the scheme.

Some breeders arrange a combined hip and elbow screening for their dog as it is more economical.

Owners should make an appointment with their vet or local veterinary
college where the required X-rays are taken. The x-ray plates are then sent to the British Veterinary Association where they are examined and "scored" by a panel of experts. Once the X-rays have been scored, results are returned to the vet who relays them to the owner. Copies of the test results are also sent to the Kennel Club where they are recorded on the
registration and ‘Health Finder’ databases, and published in the Breed
Records Supplement.

KC,BVA scheme - Eyes.pdf KC,BVA HD & ED.pdf

KC/BVA Hip & Elbow schemes -

further information can be downloaded here:

BVA’s information - hips

KC’s information - hips

BVA’s information - elbows

KC’s information - elbows

Rough Collie puppy being 
screened for CEA
Collie puppy being eye screened for CEA X-ray of normal
 canine hips
x-ray of normal canine hips

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