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The East Anglian Collie Association produces 3 Judges’ lists, for both Rough & Smooth Collies. Separate A, B & C lists are compiled for both breed specialists and non-breed specialists and these lists are monitored by the Club’s Judges’ sub-committee on an annual basis.

The EACA’s ‘C’ Lists are for aspiring judges who have shown an interest in judging Collies, whether Rough and/or Smooth, but have yet to acquire the experience and/or qualifications necessary for elevation to our ‘B’ Lists. Aspiring judges may have already acquired limited judging experience at Open and Limited Shows.

Those listed on our ‘C’ lists are able to officiate at Open or Limited Shows where 3 classes of the breed are scheduled (4 classes if a Puppy class is scheduled). The EACA will also support these judges when asked to judge the Special Award Classes at Breed Club Shows.

The EACA’s ‘B’ Lists contains details of those who have gained enough experience, and shown sufficient interest in the Collie, whether Rough and/or Smooth, to judge it at Breed Club level or at Championship Shows where Kennel Club Challenge Certificates are not on offer for the breed.

The EACA’s ‘A’ Lists include those persons who have, or who are close to gaining, sufficient experience to Judge Collies at Championship level under Kennel Club rules.

The Kennel Club requires the ‘A’ list to be divided into three sections - A1, A2 & A3, and all candidates wishing to apply for inclusion on these lists must meet all requirements before applying.

A2 list - for judges who have fulfilled the requirements of the A3 list, have undergone the necessary ringside assessments and been approved by the KC for inclusion on the A2 list. Once he/she has awarded their first CCs they will automatically be promoted to the A1 list.

A1 list - includes those who have been approved by the KC to award CCs and who have completed their first appointment.

A3 list - A B list judge, having fulfilled the requirements for the A list with the exception of the mandatory ring-side assessments, will be promoted to the A3 list. Once he/she has been satisfactorily assessed at their first CC appointment, they will be promoted to the A1 list.

In grateful appreciation for their many years of dedicated service to the Collie and the East Anglian Collie Association, we maintain a list of those Breed Specialist judges, both Rough and Smooth, who have either retired or are sadly no longer with us.

East Anglian Collie Association's Honorary List of Retired or Deceased Judges East Anglian Collie Association's List of Honorary Collie Specialist Judges

East Anglian Collie Association’s list of Honorary Judges can be downloaded here.

'B' and 'C' Judges List Criteria for Rough Collies
'B' and 'C' Judges List Criteria for Smooth Collies A list criteria - SMOOTHS.pdf A list criteria - ROUGHS.pdf
Typical Judge's Rosette

East Anglian Collie
Association’s 2017
Judges’ lists for both Rough & Smooth Collies:

A-roughs - A-smooths

B-roughs - B-smooths

C-roughs - C-smooths

Judges are advised to check out their breed’s area on the kc’s web site at regular intervals, as  Championship Show judges are now required to complete a health monitoring form after each CC appointment.

Breed Watch

KC to extend the period between CC judging appointments:

As from 1st January 2018, the

KC will extend the minimum period of time between

CC judging appointments
(to the same sex and breed),

From 12 to 18 months.

The KC’s ‘Find A Judge’ service lists all championship show judges together with the number of shows they have judged, and their entries.

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