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Welcome Membership Events  The Collie
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Collies (Rough & Smooth) are generally healthy breeds but, nevertheless, are susceptible to two eye diseases - Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA) and Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA). In common with the other Collie breeds and Shetland Sheepdogs, they may also have an issue with Multi-Drug Resistancy (MDR1) and, like many of the larger breeds, are susceptible to Hip Dysplasia (HD).

A tool aimed at dog show judges and exhibitors to highlight and tackle any current concerns within a breed.

Breed Watch

However, there are several other general health issues which can afflict all
breeds, including our Collies, so hopefully breeders and owners will find this section equally useful. Please use the links in the right-hand panel.

Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosis ‘Collie Nose’ and Microphthalmia are known to affect Collies and care should therefore be taken not to breed from any Collie showing signs of these problems.

Collie judges in particular are advised to check the ‘Breed Watch’ section of the Kennel Club’s website to see what issues to watch out for – microphthalmia is one of these!

The breed-specific health issues, referred to above, are covered either on the ‘DNA Tests’ page or on the ‘KC/BVA Tests’ page.

You can download and/or print off health issues below:


Cerebellar Degeneration



(including the Herpes Virus)

Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosis

(Collie Nose)

Gastric Cancers

Hypothyroidism Insufficiency

Kidney Problems

Pancreas Insufficiency

Lung Worm

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The Animal Health Trust’s

Canine Genome Project

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