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Welcome Membership Events  The Collie
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The East Anglian Collie Association is a pro-active Club so the health of our Collies is of paramount importance.

Since 2007, the Kennel Club has required every Breed Club to elect a Health Coordinator to keep abreast of breed health and offer advice on any initiatives being taken by the Clubs in promoting the breeding of healthy Collies, with the long-term aim of eliminating inherited conditions.

This clause is in line with the Kennel Club’s slogan of:
Fit for Function, Fit for Life’.

The Club’s Code of Ethics states that:

‘Stud Dogs and Brood Bitches shall be in good health and condition and ideally free from hereditary defects. Due consideration shall be given to type and temperament before breeding a litter. Members shall strive to eradicate hereditary defects from the breed’

Collie Breed Standards and Health

It is important to note that, despite the few known inherited
problems, both Rough and Smooth Collies are relatively healthy breeds. Their Breed Standards were carefully drawn up in the 1880's, to take account of the Collie's original working form and function. A few minor amendments have been made to the Standard over the years, but nothing that should give rise to concern in terms of exaggeration of type or health.

Health Coordinators

Collie Health Requirements & Recommendations for members of the
kennel club’s
assured breeder scheme

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