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Welcome Membership Events  The Collie
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Once you have decided a Collie is the breed you wish to own, you should then research reputable breeders.

A good place to begin is the Kennel Club’s web site where you are advised to search out members of the Kennel Club’s Assured Breeder Scheme. If you are unable to find an Assured Breeder with a litter, then the Kennel Club’s ‘Find a Puppy’ service may be of use. Alternatively, you could investigate the various Collie web sites.

The Assured Breeder Scheme was established in 2004 to provide a framework for encouraging the breeding of healthy, well-adjusted puppies. The health and welfare of all dogs is of paramount importance, and ABS members undertake to follow the rules of basic good breeding practices in order to participate in the scheme. In addition to all members being visited by a KCABS Assessor to ensure they are complying with the scheme requirements, they are also required to carry out breed-specific health testing.

It is important to note that, although the Kennel Club
recognises and encourages good breeding practices,
it cannot guarantee the health or disposition of
individual dogs.

The advice sheets include most aspects of puppy rearing which, together
with the Puppy Sales’ Contract, are intended to be given as part of the
‘puppy pack’ which Assured Breeder Scheme members must provide for
all their puppy buyers.

Buying a puppy from a responsible breeder should
ensure you receive a workable Sales’ Contract in
addition to written advice on how to rear your puppy

Unfortunately there are occasions when breeders are busy with their new litter and never seem to find time to prepare such information, and in
some instances they are just not sure exactly what information they
should include.

In a situation where the breeder does not supply such information you, the new owners, are at liberty to print off these sheets. However, it is strongly advised the breeder is contacted for specific dietary advice.

To help you with this the EACA committee has produced some breed-specific care sheets, in ‘word’ format, for you to download and amend as you see fit before handing them out to your new puppy owners. There is also a link to the KC’s Sales’ Contract template, which can either be used as it stands or amended to suit your specific needs (see side panel for links).

Rearing Your Collie puppy litter of Collie pups aged 4 days

is a collie the right
for you?

Is the Collie the Right Breed For You.pdf

The following links may be useful for anyone searching

for collie puppies:

The kennel club

Find a puppy service

Assured breeder scheme


K9 Pregnancy Resource

now on KC Academy with vet

Angelika von Heimendahl

Puppy rearing advice sheets
are available here for you
to download, amend and
give to the new owners
of your puppies:

sales’ contract

Collie Traits & tendencies








Stud dog contract

Hand-rearing New-Born Puppies

The Puppy Plan booklet provides advice on socialisation

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